Welcome to G&L Wholesalers

"The Independent Wholesaler Since 1993" 

G&L Wholesalers is one of Australia's largest independent wholesalers, servicing industries such as Hardware, Industrial, Fencing, Auto, Petrol & Convenience. With over 10,000 SKU's in warehouse, and access to over 300,000 SKU's, this makes us the biggest true Independent Wholesaler.

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back and Buying From Us.

For over 20 years, our loyal customers have been coming back and buying from us simply for 3 main reasons;

  1. Very competitive pricing.
  2. Great service and product support.
  3. We dont own retail stores down the road from you or in your neighbourhood that sell against you. Other so called wholesalers/resellers will sell to you and then discount the same product in their own stores to compete against you.
How we help and service our suppliers.

Are your brands disappearing from the store shelves? Are your brands being replaced by generic brands? We will help put your brands back on the shelves. We pride ourselves on working with companies and helping them bring the brand back!

How we help and service our retail store customers.

Our customer service team are always ready to help you with the range that suits you and what your customers are asking for. We don't push you to buy products that you don't need or want. Why have a product sit on your shelf that you cant sell and turn into profit.

So what are you waiting for! Let us help you save money, expand your range and be competitive in todays market. Simply click here to register your business details and one of our friendly customer service team will contact you once your online wholesale profile has been set up.